Welcome Message from the Principal – 2016

I would like to welcome you to Chandler Park Primary School. We are a friendly and caring school providing a quality service to families and an outstanding education for children. Our motto ‘Pride in Excellence’ supports our vision of children achieving to their potential. As children bring a variety of experiences and learning needs to school, we provide a wide range of challenging and flexible programmes enabling them to develop as happy, knowledgeable, optimistic, creative and resilient learners who will always do their best and strive for excellence.

We have  a safe and inclusive environment and expect every student to uphold our values that  underpin the management and teaching practices at our school. They are:-

  • Collaboration – being friends, caring for each other and working together
  • Respect-For self, for others, for property and environment.
  • Resilience – trusting in ourselves, having a go and not giving up
  • Innovation- to use initiative and imagination to create something new.

There are a broad range of activities and learning programs on offer at Chandler Park PS. The staff work very hard to create exciting and stimulating learning tasks and classrooms that are highly focused on the learning needs and interests of the students. We want students to love coming to school and we want them to strive to achieve their learning goals. We want them to take pride in their achievements and value the effort they have put towards that achievement.  We want all students to receive explicit instruction that makes sense and is purposeful. All students are taught and encouraged to develop social and emotional learning skills such as mutual respect, co-operation, honesty, resilience,  confidence, persistence and organisation.

Developing quality partnerships is an integral part of our school culture. We believe that we have a shared role with you in assisting your child to learn effectively and to develop a positive self-esteem. We invite you to be our partners in meeting the needs of your children, helping them to acquire skills for living within a happy, friendly and caring school environment.                                                                                                                                                   Parents are welcome at any time. We appreciate your comments and participation in decision making within the school. We anticipate our students will face challenges or problems during their schooling and we will respond with confidence, to achieve a high degree of success. We look forward to a happy and purposeful association with your family and with our open door policy we encourage you to make regular contact with the school either personally, via email or SMS.

Naomi Reed