KidsMatter Primary is all about children’s mental health and wellbeing. This initiative promotes and focuses on prevention and early intervention to ensure our school can nurture happy and balanced children. KidsMatter is not a program but a framework with a whole school approach that helps build protective factors and reduce risk factors that research has shown can make a difference to students’ mental health and wellbeing.

YCDIHow does it work-  Chandler Park began training teachers in KidsMatter Primary in 2013 and this year, the Student Wellbeing Team are all members of the KidsMatter Action Team. The school is currently working on Component 2 which looks at strengthening the students’ social-emotional wellbeing. To do this, each year level is developing some new You Can Do It (YCDI) activities and planning to refocus on the 4 foundations of:

Getting Along  Confidence  Persistence   Organisation

KidsMatter focuses on creating positive school communities that support the mental health and wellbeing of every member of the school community. There are four core components each with specific targets and goals. The framework supports planning and activity around the four components and a planned whole school approach. It is expected to take between 18 months and three years to complete the first KidsMatter cycle of school change.


The core components are:

  • Positive school community
  • Social and emotional learning for students
  • Working with parents
  • Helping children with mental health difficulties

Guiding Principles

  • The best interests of children are paramount

  • Respectful relationships are foundational

  • Diversity is respected and valued

  • Parents and carers are recognized as the most important people in children’s lives

  • Parents and teachers support children best by working together

  • Students need to be active participants

  • Schools, health and community agencies work together with families.


The KidsMatter Website: