Assessment and Reporting

At Chandler Park the main purpose of assessment is to improve student learning, it is an ongoing process of gathering, analysing and reflecting on evidence from students enabling teachers to make informed and consistent judgements about student progress.

June Report Cover

In June and December student progress is reported to parents through written reports. The reports are in plain English indicating individual achievement against the expected Australian Curriculum Standards using an A to E scale. Students’ individual strengths and weaknesses are noted including what actions the school will do to assist the child to improve and what parents can do at home to support their child. These reports are discussed with parents and the student at three way parent-student-teacher interviews. Student progress, welfare and future learning goals are discussed. Parents are welcome to meet with teachers and discuss issues at any time of the year by arranging an interview with the school.  The school encourages and values the development of strong partnerships between the school and families.

A-E Report Scale

The A-E scale on reports.

At the commencement of the year parents are invited to attend a meet-the-teacher session to share important learning information about their children to help plan the best learning pathways for students. Early in the New Year teachers have a special meeting with the previous home group teacher to discuss learning progress and particular learning needs of students.

The school undertakes comprehensive assessment of learning and for teaching across curriculum areas throughout the year to track student progress and report on progress against goals and standards. Assessment for learning and of teaching is used to identify particular strengths and areas requiring improvement to assist teachers plan learning programs. Assessment as learning occurs enabling students to reflect on and monitor their progress to inform their future learning goals

In 2013 the Australian National Curriculum will be implemented and student progress will be measured against year level standards.