Strategic Plan 2014 – 2017

Every four years, Primary Schools in Victoria write a 4 year Strategic Plan that lists the key projects for continuous school improvement. The Plan is written in consultation with students, staff and parents. From the Strategic Plan, the school identifies the key projects for each of the four years.

In 2013 at Chandler Park PS there was a whole school focus on the school’s self-evaluation in readiness for the School Review which contributes to the development of a new strategic plan. All schools undertake a school self- evaluation prior to the school review.


Throughout the process at Chandler Park PS, all stakeholders were involved and feedback from the parents, students and staff showed a strong correlation of high general satisfaction with the school’s programs and processes. As a result of the school’s thorough performance analysis, the School Reviewer, Anne Nichols, was extremely positive about the achievements of the school over the past four years and her valuable input provided the basis for the Review Team to write the new strategic plan.

The Department Framework includes four steps in the process which are:-

  1. Understanding our performance (Self-evaluation)
  2. Identifying our vision and purpose and setting goals and targets for improvement (School strategic plan)
  3. Putting into operation the plan and managing resources (Annual Implementation Plan)
  4. Reporting on our performance (Annual report to the school community)


This year’s Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) lists the goals and strategies for 2014 to improve student learning outcomes, Student Wellbeing and Engagement and Productivity,  particularly in the implementation of learning technologies across the school.

The documents are provided below, in PDF format:

Annual Report. 2015

Chandler Park PS 2016 AIP

2014 -2017 New Strategic Plan

You will need Adobe Reader to view the documents. If you do not have Adobe Reader, it is freely available at: