Teaching & Learning

Pedagogical Vision Statement

A pedagogy and culture of personalised learning utilizing inquiry and collaborative teaching.


Collaborative team work characterises the approach of teachers at Chandler Park. Teachers collaborate regularly to plan and teach curriculum programs and lessons. Using this approach students benefit from the combined skills and expertise of teams of teachers rather than rely on the skills of just one teacher.

Flexable Indoor Space

Comprehensive assessment gathering evidence of what students can do, say, make and write enables teachers to locate the individual students’ zone of proximal development on a learning continuum. Teachers then plan the appropriate teaching intervention to scaffold the student to the next stage of learning.  Each student progresses at their own rate because at the same age, students can be at very different stages of development. To account for these differences we aim to tailor or personalise the teaching and learning to the individual student. A range of strategies are used to develop student centred learning including

  • Student choice and voice
  • Inquiry learning
  • Integrated use of IT
  • Conferencing, student goal setting and reflection
  • Curriculum focused on the needs and interests of the students and community
  • Small group focused instruction
  • Targeted intervention programs
  • Structure and systematic tracking of student progress
  • Varied teaching approaches