School Profile

2018 will be an exciting year of innovation and change in which the completed buildings will realize the community’s shared vision of the future in our new 21st century designer school. The facilities at the school include permanent classrooms for 17 classes and portable classrooms for 4 classes. There is also a full sized gymnasium for sport and community use with a music room, modern canteen and utility space for parents to meet as part of the design. A Before and After School Care program is operated on site by Camp Australia, a registered care provider.


The school offers strong specialist programs in, Physical Education, Mandarin, Visual Arts,  Science  and Music .  Literacy, Numeracy and Student Wellbeing are priorities for our school. Information technology is intrinsic to all our programs. Constructive and effective student engagement programs ensure that we strive to achieve our motto – Pride In Excellence.

This year the school embarks on a new Strategic Plan ( 2018- 2021) which sets the future direction for the school in relation to student learning, student wellbeing and student engagement. We also have a Teaching and Learning Charter which highlights the school’s pedagogy  and how we strive for continuous improvement in student outcomes in our literacy and numeracy programs. The core values that underpin the teaching practices at Chandler Park are: collaboration, respect, resilience and innovation. Our focus is on developing a positive school culture with a strong commitment to continuous improvement.

At Chandler Park we encourage and foster positive attitudes towards learning. We have high expectations of success, a collaborative focus on improving student learning outcomes and an inclusive school environment in which the development of every child is our priority. We have an expectation that students will have: –

  • A sense of their own learning strengths- using learning styles, effective learning behaviours, concentration and resilience
  • Organisational skills and strategies to work independently
  • A repertoire of learning strategies to use in a variety of learning situations
  • Self -confidence to persist in the acquisition of literacy, oracy and numeracy skills
  • Develop skills to research, organise and present data
  • The skills to be a reflective learner.

The school is committed to Kids Matter and through our involvement in this initiative we have prioritized social emotional learning for students and developed a culture that values and respects the efforts and contributions of all community members as well as promoting open and effective communication and community involvement. In 2018, the school is implementing a whole school approach to “Play is the Way” program for developing students’ self confidence,  social competencies and resilience.


The school has 50 dedicated staff members comprising 2 Principal class teachers, 1 Leading teacher, 1 learning Specialist, 21 classroom teachers, 6 specialist teachers (Art, Music, Mandarin, Science and Health and PE), 3  learning support teachers 2 Speech Pathologists, a First Aid officer and 14 Education Support staff all working effectively in teams and continually striving to improve the learning outcomes for all students.

We encourage parent involvement in all areas of the school and the partnership between parent, teacher and each child is highly valued at Chandler Park. We offer a variety of opportunities for parent participation. When home and school work closely together, children are able to progress to the best of their abilities. If children have parents with a positive attitude to school, then they are much more likely to succeed.

Parent participation is actively sought and in 2018 parents will be given the opportunity to get involved in school life whether it be as a member of the school Council, attending incursions and excursions, transporting students to sporting activities, attending concerts, assisting with the Talk and Move PMP Prep program, covering books or helping out in the library, canteen or in the  classrooms or attending the parent teacher student interview meetings we hope to see you throughout the year.

The external environment of the school is extremely attractive and maintained regularly.The school grounds have been extensively upgraded with a large number of quiet shaded areas as well as  2 soccer fields, a football oval, 1 netball court, 1 basketball court, a turf running track and a multi -purpose oval. With the completion of the new building early in May, the Student Agency Team ( SAT) will seek student opinion regarding the further development of playground court space and play equipment including sandpits to provide engaging areas for play. The school places a great deal of importance in creating attractive gardens and a variety of interesting play areas in our school grounds.


We welcome visitors to experience the school and to see for themselves and their families, whether Chandler Park is the right school of choice. Chandler Park Primary School’s philosophy is based on a commitment to lifelong learning and developing every child’s social, emotional and academic learning and physical well-being.

Zoned Boundaries

Zoned boundary for Chandler Park Primary School

Zoomed in Chandler Park Primary School Zoned boundary

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Naomi Reed