Grade 1/2

Classes & Teachers

  • 1A: Maria Bertuna
  • 1B: Karen Winton
  • 1C: Catherine Foley
  • 2A: Kellie Williams
  • 2B: Melissa Nixon
  • 2C: Lan Hunyh-Banh

In Term Two in 1/2 we are learning about:

  • Place Value and Counting
  • Making and recognising patterns
  • Addition and Subtraction strategies
  • Location and Transformation
  • Data representation
  • Procedural writing and Information reports in writing.
  • Continuing with our CAFE strategies:
  • Comprehension – Back-up and re-read, asking questions throughout the reading process, use prior knowledge to connect to the text.
  • Accuracy – Skip the word and come back, blend the sounds, cross-checking (does it look and sound right – does it make sense?)
  • Fluency – practice high frequency words, using punctuation.
  • Expand vocabulary – tune into interesting words, using a dictionary.
Choices. The students will plan and practice strategies to promote health, safety and well-being. Our guiding question is ‘What are the choices you make every day to keep yourself safe, healthy and happy at home, school and community?’
Confidence and persistence.
  • Microsoft Word
  • Publisher
  • Kidspiration

Upcoming events and activities

School Cross Country 4th May

Incursions and excursions
  • Gourmet Kids – 2 grades per day on 8-10th May
  • Responsible Pet Ownership incursion 27th April (tbc)