Below are introductions to areas related to students. Click on the headings to see the full page about that area.

 Junior School Council

Student voice is promoted across all areas of the school and a key strategy to promote this is through the Junior School Council (JSC).  The JSC is the voice of the students. Student representatives are selected by their classmates early in the year….


KidsMatter Primary is all about children’s mental health and wellbeing. This initiative promotes and focuses on prevention and early intervention to ensure our school can nurture happy and balanced children. KidsMatter is not a program but a framework with a whole school approach that helps build protective factors and reduce risk factors that research has shown can make a difference to students’ mental health and wellbeing

Lunches of Excellence

At Chandler Park Primary we believe in celebrating excellence, in fact, our school motto is ‘Pride In Excellence’.

Each semester we host a Lunches of Excellence Program for students and their families, each child is selected on the basis that above and beyond their peers they have demonstrated some aspect of excellence throughout that term

House System

The school operates four house groups which came into place after the school merger in 2009 when the two communities of Maralinga and Chandler came together as one school