Reading Recovery

What is Reading Recovery?

Reading Recovery is a school-based literacy intervention program that caters for Year One students who require additional assistance to read and write. It is an intensive one to one program that runs for a maximum of 30 minutes per day for 20 weeks, with a specially trained Reading Recovery Teacher.

Developed in New Zealand by Dame Professor Marie Clay, Reading Recovery has been successfully implemented in schools around the world. It is also the Education Department’s recommended  one to one reading intervention program and has been operating successfully at Chandler Park for many years.

The aims of Reading Recovery are to improve student outcomes in reading and writing for those students requiring additional assistance with their learning.


The parents of these children are required to sign a contract to ensure that the conditions of the intervention are met, including attendance requirements and assistance at home.

The students are also given eyesight and hearing tests to eliminate any possibility that these may be impacting on the child’s learning.



“The program’s goal is for students to continue to succeed in a supportive classroom environment without any or very little additional support.”