Personalised Learning

Personalised learning occurs within our learning community where there is a strong student voice. This is built from knowing, understanding and using assessment to design a curriculum that meets the needs of our learning environment. Personalised Learning is evidence -based using meaningful data.

Student Voice:

  • Teachers value the teacher-student relationship.
  • Students are able to develop a strong and supportive relationship with at least one teacher in the learning environment.
  • Students learn in flexible groups. The grouping is based on information derived from continuous assessment.
  • Students are able to identify where they are on a learning continuum and are aware of their next steps of learning.
  • All teachers should have a strong understanding and knowledge of our school community and the diversity of cultures.
  • Purposeful engagement- The inquiry approach allows students to follow their interests whilst continuing to develop the skills required applying new knowledge in unfamiliar situations.
  • Student centred learning which encourages student participation and voice.
  • Developing independence- providing choice and managing their learning.
  • Students use a range of technologies and ICT to personalise their learning.
  • Students are involved in eLearning.
  • Students develop interests through rich real life experiences.


  • All teachers have an in-depth understanding of the learning process.
  • All teachers are able to pinpoint where the students are located on a learning continuum.
  • Teachers use the Zone of Proximal Development to design effective learning experiences that leads them to the next stage of their learning.
  • Teachers provide open-ended/differentiated learning experiences with multiple entry and exit points for different level abilities.
  • Explicit teaching groups are formed around a common learning goal based on assessment.
  • All teachers are able to track individual student’s growth in learning. Consistency in assessment practices and tools across the school to assist with transitioning of students throughout the school.
  • All students are working in their Zone of Proximal Development.