Chandler Park PS teaches Mandarin Chinese to all students from Prep to Grade 6 students (pu tong hua/普通话)

Students have the opportunity to explore Chinese culture and they are exposed to a wide range of interesting and practical topics such as written Chinese characters, Chinese stories, traditional Chinese festivals, modern aspects of China and much more!

Mandarin program tends to link its topics and contents to other learning areas such as Math, Music and English.

Mandarin lessons focus on building students’ conversational confidence and oral language skills. Children learn from an authentic Mandarin speaking classroom environment and their knowledge is developed through small group activities, fun games, songs and role-play.

Once a year, Chandler Park PS celebrates a Multicultural Day to promote language and cultural activities at our school. Students at all levels come together to celebrate multilingualism and multiculturalism. External groups and/or guest speakers are invited to perform and/or to share their cultural stories with our children.

The use of technologies has always been a highlight of our Mandarin program. iPads, language learning websites and audio books are regularly used in improving students learning outcomes.

Chandler Park students and teachers value language education and appreciate the cultural diversity of our school and the wider community.

Angela Jia

LOTE Teacher